Individual Health - Provides coverage for medical expenses. You will have deductibles, copays, and coinsurance associated with individual health plans. We will search for the best company and plan that suits your individual needs.

Group Health - Provides coverage for medical expenses for your employees. Small group coverage is for groups in size of 2-50. Large group coverage is for groups in size of 51+. These 2 plans are underwritten differently and we have several companies available to quote your group.

Senior Health - Provides primary or supplemental coverge once you reach age 65 and Medicare eligible. Products include Advantage plans and Medicare Supplements. Also includes Part D (presciption) plans.

Long Term Care - Provides coverage for home health care and/or nursing home stays. These plans have many options and are quoted on an individual basis. Some companies will have discounts for couples applying at the same time.

Temporary Individual Health - Provides coverage for up to 6 months at a time. Primarily for those in between jobs and waiting periods on new group insurance.

Travel Insurance - Provides coverage for unavoidable cancellation of vacation travels.

Missionary Insurance - Provides health coverage for those individuals that are out in the missionary field.

Supplement Insurance - Provides coverage for specific health conditions such as, cancer, hospitalizations, accidents, and short term disabilities.

Life Insurance - Provides benefits to your beneficiaries upon your death.